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FAQs Q: What services does Advance Professional Counseling offer?
A: Advance Professional Counseling is a service about helping people in their times of mental health and emotional needs. We all have times when we need the service of a physician to help us when we get physically sick. We all also need help when we get emotionally sick as well and that is where Advance Professional Counseling can help. We address many emotional and mental health problems. Here are a few we have worked on in the past. Major Depression, Anxieties, Bipolar, Panic Attacks, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, ADHD, Asperger's Disorder, Behavioral Problems, Parenting Issues, Bereavement, Dysthymic Disorder, Eating Disorders, PTSD, OCD, Codependence, Family Counseling, Couple and Marriage Counseling, as well as Pain Management to name a few. Advance Professional Counseling has experience in all these areas and has worked within the age range of 5 to 82. Q: What will happen during the first initial session?
A: A counselor will meet the patient in the waiting room and introduce themselves to the patient. The patient will be asked to follow the Counselor into their office and asked to sit where they are the most comfortable. The Counselor will explain what can be expected and confidentiality to the patient. The patient will then be invited to explain their problems and the reasons they have come into therapy. Q: What happens if medication is needed?
A: The Counselor is unable to prescribe any type of medication. But, the counselor can collaborate with the patient's PCP if the patient gives permission to the counselor to do so. In most cases this is not an issue, but if the patient's PCP is not willing to prescribe the counselor will collaborate and refer the patient to a psychiatrist who can prescribe the medication. Q: What if I need to talk to my counselor after normal office hours?
A: Every patient will be given a card with their next appointment and the telephone number of the office will be on the other side of that appointment card. The patient will be able to call their counselor 24/7 if they are in crises. It says on the card, "We Have Your Back" and we take that seriously. Q: How do I refer someone to Advance Professional Counseling?
A: Most of our patients come here through referrals from friends, physicians, insurance companies, and the internet. New Patients are always welcomed with open arms. If you know someone who might benefit from our services, invite them to contact us at 304-650-3820 or go to our web site at Q: How long do I have to wait to see someone?
A: Generally your appointment will be within a week or two of your initial call. Emergencies will be given priority and generally are seen within 24 hours. Q: How much does therapy cost?
A: Our fees are consistent with other mental health practices in the Wheeling area. We also offer financial assistance to those in need. We can discuss your specific circumstances when you call for an appointment. Q: How long does therapy take?
A: The length of treatment depends on many factors and is primarily determined by the nature of your issue and your level of motivation. Q: How do I get an appointment at Advance Professional Counseling?
A: There are several ways to get an appointment. You can call 304-650-3820 and leave a message and the counselor will get back to you. The initial paperwork will be at the web site and you will be asked to complete that and bring it to your first


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